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German Remote Medical ConsultingGerman Remote Medical Consulting

Patient stay at home and enjoy world-class medical service from Germany. Remote consulting is an established communication channel to complete e.g. medical data collections, analysis, diagnosis and to further determine treatment by using the newest internet network technology. 

Disease Treatment in GermanyDisease Treatment in Germany

The superb medical excellence, professional and meticulous German doctors and unparalleled German medical equipment will support you disease treatment and extend your life expectation. For example, in Germany the 5 years average survival rate of cancer patients reaches about 70%. 

Health Checkup in GermanyHealth Checkup in Germany

Artery diseases and cancer are the deadliest diseases in the world. In the past decade, these deadliest diseases haven't changed too much, however, we've managed to lower the risk of deaths by early screening, preventive care, quality of healthcare by using the excellent equipment and knowledge available here in Germany.

Wellness & Recovery in German / AustriaWellness & Recovery in Germany / Austria

We provide various healing approaches for the recuperation of patients, who have suffered chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and chronic diseases. To rebuild the immune system we apply nutrition plans, physical therapies and rehabilitation trainings while our clients stay in recreation areas and wellness-hotels in Germany and Austria.

Deutsche Medizinische Beratung is one of the leading medical consulting companies for foreign clients in Germany. The company is officially registered in German court (Amtsgericht Bad Homburg, HRB 13382) and, therefore, has the legal right to establish contracts for the welfare of its clients with medical institutions all over Germany (see excerpt of partner list: LINK). This is the reason why we are a trusted partner of famous and well-known hospitals and clinics. Medical experts (e.g. professors, specialists, etc.) work with us to achieve the best results for our clients.

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