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German Remote Medical ConsultingCancer Treatment in Germany

Due to the marvelous medical progress the mortality rate of cancer patients has been declining for years, and the life expectancy of those affected has risen sharply. Before 1980, more than two-thirds of all cancer patients died from cancer in Germany. Today, more than half can hope for lasting healing.

Disease Treatment in GermanyImmun System Improvement in Germany

Wellness-Centres provide special programs for the stimulation of the immune system in Germany and Austria, so called "immuno-weeks". These recovery-periods take place after an initial medical consultation, which sets the frame for advanced treatments such as injections with thymuse proteins, high-dose vitamins and mineral infusions, acupuncture, magnetic field and light therapies, etc.

Deutsche Medizinische Beratung is one of the leading medical consulting companies for foreign clients in Germany. The company is officially registered in German court (Amtsgericht Bad Homburg, HRB 13382) and, therefore, has the legal right to establish contracts for the welfare of its clients with medical institutions all over Germany (see excerpt of partner list: LINK). This is the reason why we are a trusted partner of famous and well-known hospitals and clinics. Medical experts (e.g. professors, specialists, etc.) work with us to achieve the best results for our clients.

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